Commitment is visible in everything we do.

About Us

We are bringing professionals from different areas together in order to provide our loyal readers with the best content they are seeking.

We are guided by the fact that the best results are achieved only through a happy and satisfied team, and we put maximum effort into the growth of each individual, and while maintaining a positive atmosphere we try to keep our team as close as any other family member.

Together we form one small family, which in time will grow more and more.


Our Great Story

Alviral is a Media Company that kicked off in 2017 and has been rising ever since. We live to learn how the online world breaths and we’re doing our best to contribute to the online community.

You wonder how we do it? By providing the best content regardless of the niche and making it available to all those who’re following our platforms.

Yes, we started small but hey, look how far we’ve made it. And we’d like to share that we have no intention of stopping any time soon. We aim to thrive and we waste no time to cry over spilled milk.

Keeping our heads high and being able to count on each other has led us this far and we hope it will take us much, much further down the road.

Skill Bar

Counting Days Until Payday 7%
Finding Original ways to make fun of each other81%
Choosing each other's instagram photos89%
Creating bonds that last a lifetime100%

Our Team

muvehida halilovic

Muvehida Halilović

Project Manager
adela hadžić

Adela Hadžić

Project Manager
aida catic

Aida Ćatić

Project Manager
ivana zlomislic

Ivana Zlomislić

Project Manager
amar handzo

Amar Handžo

SEO Strategist
martina zovko

Martina Zovko

Video Editor
selma mrndzic

Selma Mrndžić

Community Manager
altaira veledar

Altaira Veledar

Editor in Chief